Friday, February 28, 2014

City Manager Commendation to Honor CARMELA HENNESSY

I wish to commend Carmela Hennessy for her commitment to excellence in code and zoning administration for the City of Lebanon and to congratulate her on her last day at work as she retires. 

For more than 36 years, Carmela has been an outstanding employee of the City of Lebanon, and has provided its citizens with unfailingly fair and equitable administration of its codes and zoning ordinances. Her dedication to excellence has helped Lebanon retain its integrity throughout the development of significant projects involving land use. 

Over the decades, Carmela has reviewed literally tens of thousands of building permits and applications, and could be counted on to give each one her full commitment to balancing the needs of the applicant with the best interests of the City. Since 1988, when she took on the role of zoning administrator, she has helped guide homeowners through the Zoning Board process, while also shepherding the development of major projects that will live on in Lebanon for many years to come. She is, in short, irreplaceable, and her direct contributions to the City will be felt for generations.

It is my honor to recognize Carmela and thank her for her unparalleled work for the City of Lebanon this twenty-eighth day of February, in the year two-thousand and fourteen.

Gregory D. Lewis

Lebanon City Manager

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keene City Manager Profiled

I had the pleasure of hosting for a day on December 20, 2014, Keene City Manager John MacLean, as part of our mutual inter-city exchange program. I will be his guest for a day in Keene this year.

We both enjoyed the exchange day together attending Lebanon's monthly Sustainable Community Exchange meeting with department heads. We discussed Information Technology with Lebanon's IT team leader Josh Kahan and Keene's IT Deputy Director Andrew Mueller, who joined John as part of the visit. We heard about what the Trust for Public Lands organization can do to assist local jurisdictions with projects. We delved into Lebanon's forward leaning approach to website development with Deputy City Manager Paula Maville and Webmaster Melanie Cooper.

We ended the day by co-hosting a Lebanon and Keene in Depth CATV show.

John has now been profiled on, the Internet arm of the Keene Sentinel:

Both John and I aspire to be Level 5 leaders as defined by author Jim Collins in his best selling, groundbreaking Good to Great. Collins finds in his research that a Level 5 leader builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.

The Sentinel article brings out how John has clearly moved into Level 5, a lifetime achievement that should be honored and celebrated!