Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little Lebanon Hospitality!

I recently enjoyed Danny Meyer's remarks at the National Governors Association on CSPAN. Mr. Meyer is the chief executive officer of Union Square Hospitality Group (Union Square Hospitality Group). He delivered remarks during the opening session of the 2015 National Governors Association Winter Meeting.  He struck a positive tone with me in my City Manager work in the City of Lebanon, which is striving to be a sustainable City that is devoted to engaging its residents and stakeholders in conversation so that all might pull together and move forward. 

Meyer offers the concept of hospitality as a formula for public, private, and non-profit sector successes. He contends all of the successes referenced in his remarks could be achieved by gaining favor of your employees, suppliers, and customers (in that order).  The formulation of his approach is based on success being 49% performance and 51% hospitality.

His concept of hospitality supports my dream that City residents and stakeholders believe and accept the proposition that  the City cares about them and is always in their corner. I want the City to be their favorite organization with whom to work. I want the City to make them feel good.

Meyers acknowledges a successful organization must have good service but that good service is really part of the organization's technical performance not  a component of hospitality. He lays out the truism that no one raves about good service as long as it works, but, when the service does not work, an outcry of dissatisfaction will quickly result. 

The 51% hospitality factor under Meyer's concept when applied to the City means the City must pay equal and a little bit more time and attention to hospitality than to service. The City needs to nurture and strengthen its employees', residents', and stakeholders' beliefs in the City always being on their side, the City being dedicated to making them feel good, the City being their agent at all times, and the City not being a gatekeeper when it comes to accessing City services. Being a gatekeeper is an anathema to the City being committed to hospitality.

An enlightened City hospitality would mean the City would engage with its employees, suppliers, residents, and stakeholders to create a sustainable City engine. The City engine would be intended to make people feel better and help people live better. The City's organizational culture would be committed to being nice, optimistic, empathetic, joyful in work, competent, and masterful.

The City needs to assess and consider adopting Meyer's virtuous cycle where the City loves to work and loves being a City with whom others love to work. Using the heart and not only the mind in the City, according to Meyer, will produce a sustainable City engine that would lead to a sustainable City community in fulfillment of the City's Master Plan (Master Plan). Meyer's remarks given in rather a business-like style are nevertheless inspirational for those who dream.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Planning Lebanon
- the Master Plan.

City Manager Greg Lewis sits down with the Lebanon 

Planning Department to discuss the issues currently
facing Lebanon. Learn what the Planning 
Department's role is in implementing the Master
Plan. There is a balance between having a vibrant
community while preserving the nature of 
what makes us fortunate to call Lebanon home. 

Police Chief Announces Retirement
Press Release
Chief Gary J. Smith has announced his retirement 
effective May 1, 2015 after 28 years with the City
of Lebanon Police Department. 

"Moving to Lebanon in 1986 was the best life choice
I could have made. I have enjoyed a very fulfilling 
career with this city and highly professional police
department. I am proud to have been a part of 
such an organization."  

Roof Collapse Danger
Lebanon Fire Department
During the past several weeks the State of 
New Hampshire has experienced over 40 
inches of snow in some locations, along 
with extreme wind conditions which has 
raised concerns for the roof collapses and
carbon monoxide poisoning.
Please read the following press release to
learn more about the warning signs that
could indicate you have a danger of roof
Roof Collapse Danger

President's Day Closures. Landfill Open.
Monday, February 16 , 2015
In observance of Presidents' Day, please be aware that 
City Hall, Lebanon Libraries, and all other City 
administrative offices will be CLOSED on Monday,
February 16, 2015. 

Please note that the Lebanon Landfill & Recycling
Center will be open regular hours. Remember to
purchase landfill tickets before Monday if needed.
Visit our AskLebNH service 24/7 to find answers
to frequently asked questions or to submit one of your own. 

Recreation & Parks Highlights
Please visit the links below for complete details:
Half Moon Valentine's Fiesta - Feb 14 (limited tickets)
Shamrock Shuffle - March 14 (Limited to 1300 runners)

2015 Spring Summer Recreation Guide

Upcoming City Meetings
Please visit the links below for complete details:

02/12/15  Class VI Roads
02/17/15  Zoning Board
02/18/15  City Council 

Safety Educator: Calling All 3rd Graders
February 2015 Edition
The Lebanon Fire Department encourages you to take a moment to review the February edition of the Safety Educator newsletter. One of the goals of the Lebanon Fire Department is to ensure that citizens know how to protect their home and lives by becoming aware and educated to the various fire and life safety hazards within their environment.

Please read and share the monthly topics that are age appropriate with all your family members. Remember... fire prevention education saves lives! 

Share Your Photos
LebNH Photo Gallery
Submitted by
Beau Moulton
Do you have a favorite place in Lebanon or West Lebanon that offers the perfect photo opportunity? Do you attend community-sponsored events, concerts in Colburn Park, or hike any of our conservation areas? Do you take pictures during these times? Do you have photos that you would be willing to share?

Beside the covered bridge at the end of Riverside Drive. -Submitted by Beau MoultonWe are looking to build a photo library for! 

Looking for Employment?
Looking for a career with the City of Lebanon, NH? View our listing for current positions available within the City.

Current employment listings include: 
    Employment Listings
  • Recycling Attendant
  • Utility Operator - Wastewater

Current Bids, RFPs & RFQs
Information regarding current RFPs, RFQs, and Bids for the City of Lebanon are listed on our website at

Current listings include:
  • 2015 Dump Trucks - Maintenance Group
  • 2015 Four Wheel Drive Pick Up Truck 
  • 2015 Zero-Turn Mower 
  • Unmarked Police Service Vehicle
  • 2015 Aerial Utility Bucket Truck

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